Our Mission and Goal

Dierlam Direct Media knows this business inside and out. Your business is unique and so is each of your publications. That is why we treat each individual piece of material like no other. We will seek out the best possible advertising prospects for your publication. This ensures you are completely satisfied with the quality of advertising and how ads mesh with your publication’s content.

Dierlam Direct makes it our mission to fully understand your audience and publishing objectives at every level. Our project planning process begins with a thorough investigation of your business: What is your publishing objective? Who are your customers? How is your brand positioned in the marketplace? How are you currently marketing your company? Who are your competitors? How are they marketing themselves?

Our main goal is to help you build relationships with your customers and maximize profitability. With a results-focused mindset, we’ll help develop a strategic and integrated media campaign that is aligned with your individual business model and sales objectives.

Just as important are the connections DDMS helps forge with our clients. We believe in the power of collaboration to unleash creativity. We believe in banding together to respond to new and evolving opportunities. And we believe in relationships forged on integrity, honesty and mutual respect. 

True Customer Focus

Customer-focused marketing gives you more opportunities to sell! Strong customer relationships are built on a foundation of four vital communication rules:

  • Listening

  • Understanding

  • Responding

  • Interacting

Dierlam Direct Media can open those channels for you. What’s more, we base our strategies and tactics on proven effective digitally-driven technologies that allow us to deliver your message to the right audience . . . with precise timing . . . using the most effective tools. The challenge is turning these tools into sales and marketing opportunities. 

Dierlam Direct can help your business identify the right tools and media channels for reaching your customers and show you how to best use them to create profitable new business relationships. Using digital advertising, your business can message to your exact target audience, delivering the specific message at a time when your audience is already engaging online – reading news, watching videos, checking their email, chatting with friends on social networks, etc.